Bluer oceans by higher temperatures (but also greener)

16a967d2ed2fef37e5e57a7dbd8d6de3 - Bluer oceans by higher temperatures (but also greener)

Scientists think that the color of the oceans in the future, the more intense will be by the rising temperatures on earth. So, that means a bluer oceans, but also greener. You may perhaps be nice, it is not immediately good news.

Pure water that is not polluted, is colourless, but the way in which light is absorbed and broken by the deep water of the oceans gives it a beautiful blue color. But that color is also determined by small organisms in the water, phytoplankton (algae and bacteria) in the water: with a large amount of phytoplankton is the light in a different way is absorbed and the water can, for example, there are much greener look.

American and British scientists have now studied what the warming of the climate will mean for the colors. They came into their study, published in Nature, to the conclusion that if the temperature of the water at the surface of the oceans with a 3° Celsius increase, there is a noticeable difference in color will be in the half of the world’s oceans by the end of this century. Bluer water where the plankton it is difficult to survive, greener water where it will better thrive than it is now.

Have a different color not a problem, but it is an indication that something is changing in our oceans. And the phytoplankton is a vital link in the food chain in our oceans. The micro-organisms are also important because they carbon from the atmosphere. Changes to the fytoplanktonbestand – and the associated color of our seas are an important indicator of the condition of our ecosystem.

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