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Bad luck for KV Mechelen: statements of Kaya get even tail, also De Camargo is on a mat called

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The three-man commission of the Pro League is to discuss the statements of Onur Kaya, the captain of KV Mechelen, after the yellow card against Union which gave him a cup final costs. The management of the Pro League started Monday in the procedure of the rules of procedure on Respect for Referees. In addition, the Reviewcommissie to Igor De Camargo to continue through the Bondsparket.

In order to assess whether a statement is inappropriate or derogatory towards the referees, the Pro League ad-hoc committee together. Which consists of ex-trainer Ariel Jacobs (65), ex-player Gonzague Vandooren (39) and ex-ref Alexis Ponnet (78). If the management of the Pro League is that a player, coach or member of the board the integrity of the referee may be affected, the commission will be enabled.

It comes to statements of Kaya in the press, in which he referee Nicolas Laforge inter alia, “lack of empathy” was. The Belgian leader was in the second leg of the semi-finals of the Cup of Belgium on a visit to Union a yellow card, and fog as a result, on 1 may the cup final. He suggested also that KV Mechelen since the outbreak of the voetbalschandaal disadvantaged by the arbitration.

The commission will have Kaya now, whether oral or written answer and indicates on the basis of an opinion which then must be confirmed by the Board of Directors. That advice consists of the non-payment of a fine. In the first instance, that fine of 5,000 euro, to recidivism, the penalty may be up to 10,000 euro fine. That money is re-invested in the arbitration.

Last week, the commission for the first time, put to work, after statements of Sint-Laszlo Bölöni about the VAR. In that case this week, a ruling is expected. .

Reviewcommissie calls Igor De Camargo on the mat

KV Mechelen also threatens his topschutter to lose in the final stages of the second period in 1B. The Reviewcommissie of the Royal Belgian Football association (belgian football association) Monday unanimously decided to Igor De Camargo to continue through the Bondsparket.

De Camargo came in the beginning of the game against Westerlo (3-0) away with yellow, after the striker in a duel his studs on the shin of Ambroise Gboho had planted. The Reviewcommissie, however, was unanimous: The Camargo had red.

“It was a dangerous action of me”, was The Camargo after the end honest. “In the first instance we will go with the two of us plenty of for the ball. My foot pushes through and I tap him on the shin.”

“It was a bad time of me in the race, though everyone knows that knows me that I can’t intentionally do. I want each duel win, but always with an eye for the ball. Or I was pleased that the only yellow remained? In a competition there are always phases in which a red card is possible. But yes, this was red.”

The case is next week Tuesday (12 december) for the arbitration committee of the belgian football association. As also referee D’hondt after seeing the tv footage confirms that The Camargo red had should be given, a suspension will follow. This coming weekend

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