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Audience of millions for virtual concert in Fortnite

Audience of millions for virtual concert in Fortnite

Yes, there are looked at a lot of people to the show Maroon 5 during the rest of the American Superbowl, but DJ Marshmello knew this weekend also quite a lot of people to draw on it for his concert, there were millions of interested parties. Notable: the dj has performed in the popular computer game Fortnite.

Those who wanted to, had to Saturday to Pleasant Park to witness the performance of Marshmello. Pleasant Park is not a park or concert hall, but a (virtual) location in the popular computer game Fortnite.

Usually it is the players of Fortnite especially to do it to each other to shoot, but now they were at a stage led. Then was a ten minute action of the computerversie of Marshmello, which in real life just Christopher Comstock is called.

While the music enjoyed, could those fans, and their virutele alter ego’s dances to perform in place of each other to life. And just like at a real concert, there was also on the security thought: the weapons of the players were for the opportunity scuttled by their crews, so that no one party could disrupt.

“We have written history’, let Marshmello via Twitter to know after the concert. “The first virtual live concert in Fornite for millions of people. It’s crazy.’

The first ever virtual concert is perhaps a little exaggerated – in the now defunct Second Life was also once occurred, but to say anything – but that could not spoil the fun for the fans that the songs Everyday and Happier dished were. With how much they exactly were, it is difficult to ascertain, but Forntite says 125 million players count, and according to some sources, there were of which 10 million are playing at the time of the concert. The Youtube video on the channel of Marshmello, meanwhile, goes the cape of 12 million views.

Audience of millions for virtual concert in Fortnite

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