Annelies and Joris are Blind Married

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What was all of that in the second episode of Blind Married? Annelies had over the past weeks, impatient to the point that they are eye-to-eye with her ‘Hugo’.Annelies baptized her future husband in the run up to their marriage to “Hugo”, to her favorite cocktail. On the eve of the wedding, she writes him an emotional letter. A letter that is actually a huge impression on George that his eyes barely could restrain.

The wedding ceremony at the town hall van Pelt, there was one not soon to be forgotten. The mayor had his work made the speech for the couple and enjoyed there. Not only the speech but also from each other. George is with his ass in the butter cases, Annelies is a droomvrouw that is not only a beautiful letter but also a handsome speech wrote. Annelies and Joris are the third couple that got married got into Blind Married. The more nervous the two were in the run-up to their encounter, the more both of them could relax from their first conversation, because it clicked right away.

Joris: “Annelies radiates really a certain charisma. It really is a cool lady, she is mega excited and very loose. I was so proud that I stood with her and wanted really just to show everyone: I love them. I felt definitely attracted to her and I felt the connection.”

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