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A brings Amazon soon a own crypto-currency? – Coin Hero

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A brings Amazon soon a own crypto-currency?

Home News Brings Amazon soon a a own crypto-currency?

Matthias Nemack –

No Less a person than the Binance CEO, commented on the likelihood of Amazon crypto-Coins. The expert predicts the creation of a currency.

Binance CEO’s of early introduction of a currency from

Similar as in the case of Facebook is also speculated in the Online giant Amazon for a long time on your own crypto-currency. In view of the fact that there is with the Amazon Coin is already for years an in-house “currency”, does not seem to have resorted to the rumors from the air. A real digital currency like the Bitcoin, this Coin is not known. At times, it has been suggested above, Amazon would probably integrate most closely to an already existing Token. Said Bitcoin was for a long time in the Reports of the declared favorite of many observers. By the end of 2017, speculation about a close collaboration with the provider Ripple Laps came.

Ethereum is often considered to be Amazon’s first choice

From the environment of the Amazon subsidiary Amazon Web Services messages came later, it is of interest for the currency, Ethereum, and the associated Blockchain technology. However, it was these Considerations, the last position of the technical Director participated in the company AMS as a priority, to potential internal uses of the Ethereum opportunities. Acute it is now the CEO of the world’s well-known crypto-stock exchange Binance, brings it’s own Amazon Coin into the game. A likely date Changpeng Zhao is not called, of course. Nevertheless, the expert expects that the retail giant popping up at some point on the train, and a crypto-currency will introduce.

Low fees, good availability worldwide

Because of the lower transaction costs of the Binance-in-chief believes that such a step is more than likely. Easier payment processing is an Argument. The third aspect, the Zhao cites in his Twitter message on the subject, is the global Option to use payments. Amazon could open up new locations that currently do not yet have the platform to shop because of the lack of or poor payment options. Three good reasons why Amazon might start really in the near future a competition to the established currencies. Zhao in his latest Posts to say so far that all Online stores recognize the benefits of digital currencies and finally their own currencies should develop.

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