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Wreckage of plane missing footballer Emiliano Sala after almost two weeks of localized

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It’s been nearly two weeks ago that Emiliano Sala disappeared just after his transfer from the French Nantes to the English Cardiff was completed. All searches so far yielded nothing, from today, was also under water search and so was the wreck located, report British media. In the English Channel, the strait between Britain and France, were wreckage found of the plane that the radar disappeared.

The Argentine striker wanted after the completion of his transfer to Cardiff City just over and over again fly to Nantes, to some issues and say goodbye to his team mates. On the way back ran, however wrong, the sportvliegtuigje with just him and the pilot, David Ibbotson on board disappeared from radar.

A transfer fee of 17 million euros and 10 million euros in salary, to earn about 3.5 years. That had Cardiff on for Sala. The attacker had to try to get the Welsh team in the Premier League, but would never be on the training ground. His plane disappeared over the English Channel on the way to Cardiff.

After a few days on strike, the police official quest, but on their own, and thanks to generous donations sought the family further. From Sunday, was also under water to be sought. The Air Accidents Investigation Branch (AAIB) confirmed a specialized ship was deployed in the search area, which together with a privately funded ship the search for Sala and Ibbotson resumed. That delivered, according to Sky New after one day, so all the location of the wreck.

The hope of a good outcome, however, is nil. Previously been washed there all cushions of aircraft seats on a French beach, it is suspected that the origin of the plane of Sala. Also in the Netherlands one thinks of the debris found.

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