Walter Capiau was a diva

9629e0fe4099d54f5f62b661275c3506 - Walter Capiau was a diva

In The Latest News is one this weekend, a look at 30 years of VTM. Chris Cockmartin, producer of the Wheel Of Fortune, the divagedrag of Walter Capiau. “He wanted a private kleedster, he found that the crew asked him too many links left out, there was always something. More than once it threatened he it quits, and prefer he did that a few minutes before the cameras were turning. Then he remained in his lodge and caprices. Had Guido Depraetere to call on him to talk to”. Mike Verdrengh had enough with the eccentricities of Capiau and introduced before the start of the transmitter to Luc Appermont bring them in for the presentation. But when they started the broadcast, and it was Rad kijkcijferhit. Capiau was instantly satisfied.

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