‘The Queen is evacuated as Brexit out of hand’

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Plans from the Cold War to the British royals to evacuate, a new lease of life as the Brexit restless expires. That report a number of British newspapers.

If after the Brexit in London riots broke out, the royal family as possible to a safe location outside the capital.

“It is a plan that has been in existence since the Cold War, but now sometimes dust can be achieved if the Brexit out of hand’, writes The Sunday Times on the basis of an anonymous source within the government.

Also the Mail on Sunday has the plans learned.

According to Jacob Rees-Mogg mp, member of parliament for the Conservative Party and a staunch supporter of Brexit, to prove the plans, however, the ‘unnecessary panic’ that there is around a ‘no deal’. “Even during the bombardments of the Second world War remained with the royals in London,” he says.

Dai Davies, a former agent who used to be responsible for the protection of the British royal family, calls it in The Sunday Times, not more than normal that the royal family is kept away from problem areas.

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