Sven Ornelis falls in the prices

467ba6f20cc6ec0adc06bfe3a7489f71 - Sven Ornelis falls in the prices

Radio producer and columnist Sven Ornelis put a long time ago, Would Be Chef, a new step in his culinary career. Sven has always been in the ban of cooking and good food. That love he writes with pleasure down on his blog. Saturday Would Be Chef the QTravel Blog Award in the category Best Culinary Story won. It was specifically on a report of a culinary trip to the restaurant-Aqua by Sven Elverfeld and a stay at the beautiful Ritz Carlton in Wolfsburg. Yes, in Germany. Usually attracts Sven Ornelis to the beautiful Barcelona, but his trip to Germany delivers to him now, however, a price on.

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