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STVV book simple thuiszege against Eupen and knikkert Anderlecht out of top six

STVV has home simple win of Eupen. However, came to the Canaries on disadvantage through Toyokawa, but afterwards made Kamada and Boli with two goals for the earned turnaround. In the final stage, The Sart for the 4-1-end position. Three points for the Task and also have a place in the top six. STVV jumps in the rankings over AA Gent and Anderlecht , that as from the top six.

The home team was yet to start chasing. In the ninth minute when he kicked Keita of far on the lat, Yuta Toyokawa headlined the revival. STVV took the match in hands, with the result. Daichi Kamada (19.) managed to equalize after bad getting rid of Blondelle. In the 36th minute put Yohan Boli a beautiful action with Kamada, the boogballetje of the Japanese in one time in the farthest corner to deposit: 2-1, the idle.

After the break, urged Eupen, but ten minutes before affluiten explained again Boli the match in a decisive move. The Mix pushed a cross from Acolatse against the nets. Alexis De Sart (90.+1) put the icing on the cake with a tight shot from just outside the large rectangle: 4-1.

Thanks to the victory, do the Canaries in a gold case in the state. With 39 points, they jump about AA Gent (38 pts) and Anderlecht (37 pts) to the fifth place. The Buffalo’s played Sunday’s 1-1 draw at Club Brugge, the purple & white lost 2-1 at Standard. Eupen is tenth with 28 points.

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