Sinn Fein put to referendum on reuniting Ireland

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Now there is still nothing on paper about the Brexit, the Republican party Sinn Fein are good possibilities for a referendum on a reunification of Ireland, to the European Union, and Northern Ireland, which is part of Great Britain.

Sinn Fein leader Mary Lou McDonald said Saturday at a meeting in Dublin that there is now for the first time since generations is a historic opportunity for reunification, regardless of the Brexit. “This is the moment,” she said.

She recalled that the Northern Irish population, not for an exit of Britain from the EU has voted and not even for a ‘hard border’ with Ireland.

The government in London who vote in Ulster is not taken into account, says Mary Lou McDonald. London does not take into account the people on the spot.

If the party is Sinn Fein on both sides of the border actively.

Consequences for Ireland

Great Britain will, on march 29, the EU turn their back on. A negotiated deal about that farewell in London was no majority found. The fear is growing that London the EU without a deal would leave, what serious consequences it would have for Ireland.

The British prime minister, Theresa May wants to be a ‘backstop’ protocol renegotiation, which is an open Irish border protects. She has the support of the Northern Irish unionitische party DUP. The ten elected members of that party are the solution for the minority that the Conservatives in parliament.

The DUP and other critics fear that the backstop Northern Ireland under slightly different arrangements in place than the rest of the United Kingdom.

European officials and the Irish government, like Sinn Fein, from and against any amendment to the backstop known.

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