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REACTIONS. Mathieu van der Poel breathed sigh of relief, but also Wout van Aert feels “the burden of shoulders”

7bf4686a5c4e029c4a8f39a15fae83e1 - REACTIONS. Mathieu van der Poel breathed sigh of relief, but also Wout van Aert feels “the burden of shoulders”

Mathieu van der Poel has Sunday in the Danish Bogense to world champion cyclocross in the elite crowned. His second world title at the highest level, after Tabor in 2015, but mainly a reward for an unbelievable season with provisional 27 victories. He won all his matches, except the DVV-race on the Koppenberg on 1 november, where he after a total off-day the 21st was.

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A sigh of relief breathed Mathieu van der Poel after his second world title. After three failed attempts, rode the Dutchman irresistible to his second world title. “I’m glad I the rainbow jersey once again allowed to bear,” he told just after the arrival. “It was too long ago.”

“There is a whole pressure of my shoulders”, said Van der Poel after the arrival. “The match was difficult. I started with rhino tyre, but it was still tricky to drive. I felt that I was good, but Wout was also strong in the first half of the match. He managed to come back. Afterwards, I had to be strong, especially in the head. I am glad that I have him able to solve.”

In the second part of the CHAMPIONSHIP, he drove with force majeure to his second rainbow jersey of his career. “It is a great season for me. I had confidence at the start, but it remains a world cup and that is always difficult to win. But I’m glad that I’m back the rainbow jersey allowed to carry. It was too long ago.”

After three unsuccessful attempts made Van der Poel, so the end of a world cup complex. “That was me in the last few weeks what society tries to impose. But it is through circumstances that sometimes is missed. Wout may incredibly work to such a championship. He proves that today also. He has firm resistance offered.”

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Wout van Aert: “Actually relieved that today is over”

“The only chance we had was for as long as possible for Mathieu to stay, therefore we had to us force in the initial phase”, responded defending champion Wout van Aert, who after three years of gold happy had to be silver. “I am one time to see him ridden, but the round after that I was so à bloc that I’m on that beveled edge of a mistake made. Thereby he drives away. Then he drove faster and it was the end of the story.”

Wednesday, drive Of Aert the cross in Maldegem, and then season it. “Then I will go to Girona to catch up on my positives and then starts the preparation for the season. What I have to expect? I’ve been there last year already can taste and that I now want to do even more. I’m actually relieved that today is over, that the behind the back. I can have my sweater issue and I have peace of mind, it is a burden of my shoulders. I have a feeling that I did everything to have today and that puts me at ease. I am glad that I this page may change.”

“I look forward to in the spring Mathieu. He goes there a lot, that is a question easy to answer. He is one of the biggest names of riders any where with a bike will see driving around,” concludes Van Aert.

Toon Aerts: “the Pinnacle of my season.”

Toon Aerts was on his second world cup for the first time on the stage. The Rijkevorselnaar had a difficult start, but came in the last rounds again to connect with Wout van Aert. Eventually he had to after a technical error, the resigning world champion to drive for the silver, and he picked up bronze. The Belgian champion was afterwards satisfied. “This is a crowning achievement for my season. I feel that I made the connection I made with those two guys. I’m third, but I have been able to compete for the silver. And that is what I must remember.”

On a high-speed circuit recognized Aerts that there is nothing to start fell against Mathieu van der Poel. “That I noticed when he for the first time at the head of the came. After the bevel I have full pounds need to close the gap. I am bloated, I think. But Mathieu proves there that he was stronger.”

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