President Maduro warns of civil war

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The controversial Venezuelan president, Nicolas Maduro, has still a few hours before a deadline expires for early elections in Venezuela, to call out. In an interview he has gealludeerd on a possible civil war.

Parts of the interview with the Spanish channel La Sexta, that Sunday night’s broadcast, released in Spanish-language print media. ‘Everything depends on the degree of insanity and aggressiveness of the northern imperialists and their Western allies, ” he said. The interview is conducted on Friday.

‘We just live in our country and ask that no one interfere with domestic matters. We are preparing ourselves to defend our country.’ He added that people in factories, universities and other civil circles, prepare for battles.

“We accept no ultimatum’

“I have fear of what you say, mr. Maduro’, according to interviewer Jordi Evole. ‘Really? It inspires me with no fear in it, ” says Maduro. He also responded to the European deadline for elections to be called. “We accept anyone an ultimatum.’

Eight countries of the European Union had said that they release opposition leader Juan Guaido as president will acknowledge, should the deadline pass without that early elections are announced. Guaido, chairman of the parliament, had himself, on January 23, was declared interim president. The United States and many other countries to recognise him in that capacity.

Austria is the eighth EU country to threaten with the recognition of Guaido, after Belgium, Germany, France, Great Britain, Spain, Portugal and the Netherlands.

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