Play Luc Appermont hard Pieces of People?

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Monday night you can FOUR watch a new episode of Pieces Of People. In Hasselt sit again four experts ready to do business in episode 2 of Pieces of People. Boris, Patrick, Paul and Sofie are now accustomed to for the cameras to negotiate, but in the television experience, they can not against the first seller of the day: Luc Appermont. Appermont is already more than 40 years of a tv icon, and he is – coincidentally or not – a 19th-century Russian icon sell. Though the piece is not of him self: “I’m here actually for my 90-year-old girlfriend Yvonne Henneco, the very first singer on Flemish television. She has traveled a lot after her active career, and everywhere a lot of beautiful, valuable things brought in.” Luc is determined to make a good deal of drag, and will cost what it costs the last word.

Week after week passing in this program is the most separate objects and that tomorrow is no different. So can the experts a Patek Philippe Nautilus to buy. This exclusive timepiece is the Rolls Royce of the sportuurwerken and there is a waiting list of several years. It is a unique opportunity to be just like Brad Pitt are the proud owner of such a special timepiece. One thing is for sure: it’s going to be pieces of people costs.

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