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Mpoku kicks Standard to victory in a thrilling duel against Anderlecht

d3c3afaed3c9580d14767e88f9505128 - Mpoku kicks Standard to victory in a thrilling duel against Anderlecht

Standard Anderlecht a new touch handed out in the battle for play-off 1. In a blistering and very enjoyable Classico knocked the team from liège purple-white 2-1 thanks to a late winning goal Polo Mpoku. Standard approaches to within two points of Club Brugge, and Antwerp. Anderlecht remains at the edge of the six hang. View to 23pm the videosamenvatting on!

Sidewalks are full with double-parked cars on the banks of the river Maas. Loud explosions heard to the Place Saint-Lambert and a white smoke that ominously looms above Sclessin. That must be the Classico! If Fred Rutten is not informed of the hellish atmosphere that him and his team in Liège was going to happen, it was quickly made clear by the sold out Sclessin, steaming of the ‘desire to do something’ to the eternal rival a chop to put in their arduous struggle for a place in the best six.

Big surprises to kick off, there were not. Both Preud’homme as Rutten performed a single forced bills by compared to the previous week. At Standard must Bokadi the departure of Boss Luyindama absorb in the defense. Mpoku came in the place of the suspended Djenepo. The visitors lacked Saelemaekers by a suspension, winteraankoop Zulj got his first move. Yannick Bolasie, Michel Verscheurens hope in fearful days, started at Anderlecht where he won last season ended at Everton: on the couch.


The start was promising. Standard tried immediately all the stops to draw but Anderlecht showed himself to be not impressed and played nice. After a matchbegin with a lot of intensity but little real opportunities to burst the race around the twentieth minute. A firm violation of Kums – punished with yellow – was the prelude for the first big chance for the home team. Carcela conjured Cimirot only for Didillon, but the goalkeeper of Anderlecht – heavy on the grains taken by the hometown audience, stayed cool and brought salvation.

Barely a minute later, he was allowed, however, to turn it over. Razvan Marin came from the left, sought and found Carcela as a relay point and blasted the 1-0 then fucking hard with his right over the stray Didillon. Georghe Hagi himself – the teacher from Marin – had it not better be able to perform.

Sclessin was set for a walk-about but that was outside of Sven Kums counted. Five minutes after the openingsdoelpunt put the small general of Anderlecht is behind a free kick and he painted the ball from 25 metres, or sit in the square. Two gems in five minutes: we are all spoiled to become in Classico’s.

Just for the rest have one chance on each side. First was Emond of the 2-1 held by Didillon and then stood Around on the good place to Santini of the 1-2. None of both teams deserved to be with a disadvantage to go rest, and so it was 1-1 a fair score halfway through a game of Belgian professional football of high quality.

The start of the second half was similar to that of the first. Standard with a lot of urge to for, Anderlecht more from the organization speculerend on the conversion. Also now had the first big chance for the people of liège. After a lapse of Kayembe was Didillon suddenly eye-to-eye with Lestienne that the ball is too far from tapped, and from an oblique angle more than in addition to targeted.

Angry Preud’homme

Anderlecht now had to the law of the strongest to undergo and was up against the own goal stuck. On the hour showed Carcela – who else? – Sclessin a second time to explode. An incomparable trap of his golden right disappeared through the bottom of the crossbar past Didillon in goal. The Liege party was, however, blighted by the VAR, in advance, an error of Laifis on Bakkali had noticed. The repetition was grim: Laifis became indeed only the foot of Bakkali and not the ball. A sensible decision, so, however beautiful the goal might be. Michel Preud’homme showed a little less understanding, and was a Fisherman the rest of the race from the grandstands to follow.

The commotion after the disallowed goal came the match is not good. For Standard names the emotions the upper hand over the good football. Anderlecht was especially pleased that it was still 1-1 was after the one-way traffic in the second half.

Two minutes before the end of regular time left, the purple and white is that tip still lose. Mpoku was on the left, a sea of space, pulled in and devoured Didillon in the short corner. Third time, good time. Also, the VAR, the goal well and let the feast this time, however, continue. A late final assault from Anderlecht brought nothing more. The fifth consecutive uitnederlaag for purple-and-white could not be averted.

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