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Mathieu van der Poel makes role where on world CHAMPIONSHIP cyclo-Cross

c582fb671ce96c2c6f66c29c530162b1 - Mathieu van der Poel makes role where on world CHAMPIONSHIP cyclo-Cross

Mathieu van der Poel is the new world champion of cyclocross. The Dutch number one favourite had to in the first part of the cross to deal with a strong Wout van Aert, but the defending champion had blundered into the chase. The silver was for Wout van Aert in the final lap made use of a slip-Toon Aerts, the peace had to take bronze.

Pass to Mathieu van der Poel finally for a second time world champion of cyclocross to be? It was the question of the day. Defending champion and three-time world champion Wout van Aert wanted but like his season save with a fourth world title. And then there was Toon Aerts, winner of the world cup and Belgian champion. They were the great challengers of the Dutch top favourite.

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The holeshot was already for Van der Poel. The Dutchman tried already the opposition under pressure, but I experienced that the headwinds in the stretch along the sea there is no partner. Show Aerts, bad started, quietly got the time to pass and at the end of the first round had a group of ten to the direction of the price. All Dutch and Belgians, with the Spaniard Orts as a strange duck in the bite.

Aerts and Van Aert were clearly on good legs, Mathieu van der Poel looked yet the cat out of the tree. A demarrage provided the only spirit but at the end of round two, we had eight leaders, four Belgians, three Dutch, and that surprising Spaniard.

Tire pressure

The first couple of laps were used to the tyre pressure to adapt. There was regularly exchanged, but in round three it seemed that everyone the right footwear. Van der Poel went perfectly on the bevel, Toon Aerts faltered for a moment, and that gave Van der Poel the space. Aerts felt the storm hanging and gave chase, supported by an equally strong Wout van Aert.

A second error of Aerts gave Van Aert free job in the chase. He would close the gap of five seconds can be sealed? So yes! Van Aert found himself on the asfaltstrook back to the wheel of Van der Poel. It would still? No, Van der Poel fell in the fifth round, again using a perfect angled strip to move away from a stalling Of Aert. Was the decision cases?

So yes! What Of Aert tried, the Dutch favourite and gave his lead not more price. Little by little he drove away from a courageous combatant Of Aert, but halfway through the race had Van der Poel, his lead expanded to fifteen seconds. Game over!

Battle for bronze

Behind the duo troepte it back together again. Aerts concentrated fully on the battle for the bronze but had to do so to deal with compatriots Vanthourenhout and Sweeck, the Dutch, Van der haar and Van Kessel and the surprising Spaniard Orts.

But also that fight was resolved quickly! Toon Aerts reed in the seventh round just get rid of their remaining competitors, and was still looking for the second place of van Aert. The Belgian champion was unleashed and came in the penultimate round as connecting with Van Aert. Aerts seemed to be on the way to silver but a slipper in the final lap made it yet to that Of Aert with the second place winter should shut down.

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