Koen Wauters excited about the new season of The Voice Van Vlaanderen

Koen Wauters says in Gazet Van Antwerpen that the live shows of The Voice in may more interesting. “We can set the bar extra high and put us on good gigs expect because we take you by coach, but four candidates have. Previously, there were eight. I found that lives used to be predictable, because you could often the top two per team is recommended. Now is it really a competition on the cutting edge. In the blinds, we get more breathing space, because we are fifteen instead of twelve candidates each select a team. What is new is that the coaches can block it. In the past the choice of the candidates and sometimes surprising. Singer-songwriters have opted almost exclusively for Bart, and Alex. If there is now someone passes, I can Bart or Alex block so that I more likely have to also agree, as someone in my team to have.”

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