Jelle De Beule responding to negative coverage

84df15dbb67943e25f7cf7f78a0a4d65 - Jelle De Beule responding to negative coverage

The Ideal World is pulling the last time settled more than 200,000 viewers on late night with Canvas, but nevertheless writes Hello that the program is not going to go well. “That’s always the perception of a long-term program suddenly must do without the anciens”, responds Jelle De Beule. “The flemish people can’t stand change. If a figure like Jan Jaap van der Wal over to the cart to pull, there natúúrlijk people who say: ‘I have already no longer makes sense to visit that program to see it.” Soon there is the perception that it is not going well with ‘The Ideal World’. But look no further than episodes of three years ago: there is also rubbish, though! But are we all forgotten.”

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