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Full Dutch podium in women-promises: Inge Van der Heijden surprised well-liked Alvarado

8f83acb687f0a77836edc1a51d2c116f - Full Dutch podium in women-promises: Inge Van der Heijden surprised well-liked Alvarado

A tactical race with ten ladies in the final round, still had a chance at the gold medal: to the extent that the summary of the world cup for promises by the women. But this time let the Dutch ladies are not the cheese of the bread. Topfavoriete Ceylin Alvarado dropped in the last hectometers to be surprised by a strong Inge Van der Heijden. Fleur Nagengast won the silver for a cynical Alvarado.

Ceylin del Carmen Alvarado, she and no one else had and would be world champion in the promises. The rider of Corendon-Circus recently won the DVV competition in Brussels, against the eliterensters. The opposition to Alvarado was mainly from their own camp expected: Kastelijn, Van der Heijden and Nagengast. Of our compatriots was almost nothing expected. The start was in clear English colored. Alvarado chose a cautious opening round, the British Kay was initially the only one who is a Dutch trio could follow. Marthe Truyen, started on the fourth row, missed her first few meters are not and closed the first lap in the company of the leaders.

First prick Alvarado

Round two was for Alvarado the signal to the throttle open to run. Only the British Kay and Inge Van der Heijden wanted initially of no districts know. At the end of round two ran again, all together: eight leaders, Marthe Truyen, in the meantime, at the front of the roll is unloaded.

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.Round three turned out to be a measure of nothing. Alvarado remained watchful waiting rates, the other riders did not venture directly to take the initiative. A jab from Van der Heijden was yet again answered by Kay and Alvarado but half the price, we were still with seven leaders.

Was the trail of a nature that driving was no longer possible? The temperature was slightly higher, the technical strips were not as slippery as on Saturday and the wind blew a suit is stronger than a day earlier. It led to a more closed race.

With ten in the final lap

Not for the Frenchwoman Marion Riberolle. Her acceleration was only answered by the two Dutch girls, also the Swiss Koller hooked her trolley. The British Kay had a little more time is needed to place in the front. And again fell on the front still.

The ladies remained together, would stare at so that at the beginning of the sixth and final round, as ten riders at each other reason. The Dutch girls seemed everything was still under control. In a chaotic final reason the Dutch girls still away from the competitors. Well-liked Ceylin Alvarado seemed to be on the road to gold, but a relentless Inge Van der Heijden went into the last meters, and her compatriot in the last straight line also Fleur Nagengast saw in the past. Marthe Truyen finished as the first fellow in a creditable fourteenth place.

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