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Father Adrie van der Poel not to speak about Belgian fans at the world CHAMPIONSHIPS: “Biergooiers disturbed me immensely”

Mathieu van der Poel has Sunday in the Danish Bogense to world champion cyclocross in the elite crowned. The Dutchman took the for the Belgians Wout van Aert and Toon Aerts. Father Adrie van der Poel, of course, was very proud of his son, but was not to speak about Belgian fans at the world CHAMPIONSHIPS: “That biergooiers disturbed me immensely.”

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“I don’t have much apart today,” said father Adrie van der Poel. “Only in the first and second round, because then there was a group of Belgians with beer to throw, near our post. It bothered me immensely. That shows very little respect to the athletes, and we have what terror. For the price, who quickly fell into its fold. Mathieu accelerated and only Wout could come back. It becomes easier, because you don’t need to fight against a horde of Belgians.”

“I think that the return of Wout not in his head played. Wout had already ‘jacket off’, because the slobber came from his mouth. That vechtmentaliteit Wout that he is a whole year of shows, is beautiful. I had a lot of trouble because the hole is so little remained, there was constant pressure. If you get one or two minutes ahead of tackles, I am always reassured. Over the past few years, Mathieu thereby learning how to cope on good and less good moments, so this is reassuring.”

Or the shame would have been if Mathieu after such a season, no world champion had become? “Then you get the same stories as last year. When he was almost as impressive as now, but he wins the world cup. In such a world cup everything is equal, everyone must start from scratch. And if you don’t win, then you have a damper handle. A world cup complex? I don’t think he has. He has 4 or 5 world titles in the junior, in the field and on the road. He has it good and cool addressed, not wegdrummen. He himself has not made mistakes and benefited from the mistakes of others.”

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