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F1 champion Lewis Hamilton makes a free fall

f07395556a5da8106934afc09fdb98e5 - F1 champion Lewis Hamilton makes a free fall

F1 champion Lewis Hamilton has a ‘free fall’ and this time, feel free to literally take …

Where is the time that an absolute prohibition was for F1-pilots to dangerous sports and hobbies to practice? There are still teams that strict rules impose, such as Ferrari for example, but F1 champion Lewis Hamilton was clearly no prohibition of Mercedes to go skydiving.

As a five-way F1 champion, we know that Hamilton would have to step in the world, but this time he wanted the world from a different side and he did a skydive. Afterwards was Hamilton is clearly very enthusiastic and he shared his joy via Instagram.

“I have my skydive license achieved”, posted to Hamilton for a shot while its free fall. “The feeling during free fall is incredible. On the same day of surfing and skydiving is the ultimate day for me.”

Hamilton had also a tip for his fans.

“You’ve never geskydived? Put your fear aside and go for it.”

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