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Euromillions Basketball League: Oostende loses in Aalst, Antwerp takes full advantage

e6965d18ab8b3148535eb8bdbfdbc808 - Euromillions Basketball League: Oostende loses in Aalst, Antwerp takes full advantage

Leader Ostend on Saturday the fifteenth day of the EuroMillions Basketball League, his fourth defeat of the season, his second in a row, have to go. The champion lost in Aalst with 72-65.

Oostende remains on the head, with eleven victories and four defeats, but see Brussels (10 victories, 3 defeats) approach. The locals won on Friday with Limburg United.

Also, the third in the state, Bergen, went Saturday too. The Henegouwers had in their own homes, beaten for the Antwerp Giants (69-74). Mike Smith (Bergen) and Paris Lee (Antwerp Giants) scored each of the seventeen points. Mountains now has eight victories and seven verliespartijen, Antwerp Giants, sitting at nine wins and four defeats.

For Charleroi came after three defeats in a row again a victory. Spirou won with 77-87 in Kangaroos Mechelen. Quincy Jones was with thirty points barely to stop. Charleroi is fifth in the standings, Mechelen eighth.

Antwerp Giants after a win in the Mountains virtually on the second place

Deserved victory for Telenet Giants Antwerp that by the defeat of Ostend in Okapi Aalstar and with just two games on the bill on the second place.

Antwerp dominated versus Mountains, without Idris Lasisi (hand) and Stephane Moris (ill), via Paris Lee and Jae’Sean Tate in the first half. After the first quarter (17-25) went to a maximum of 28-30 and 34-43. Mike Smith (ex-Giants) made halfway for a 37-43 standings. In the third slide was Mountains via Chris Jones and Justin Cage at 48-48 the connection. The Giants reacted mounted via Paris Lee, Tyle Kalinoski and Victor Sanders: 48-55. Thomas Akyazili dropped on the buzzer the 55-64 bonus for the Giants.

In the fourth quarter spoke to the Inhabitants for a moment without inspiration and went to 61-64. At that time, had Mountains all 26 vrijworpen received compared to 4 for the Giants. A new Antwerp outwear (64-71), was the first by Quinton Upshur with two bombs on a row of the scoreboard is wiped: 69-71. Paris Lee dropped a major bomb, and the Giants were after a big slot earned victory cannot escape.

Mountains-Telenet Giants Antwerp 69-74

Man of the Match: Paris Lee 17 points, 4 rebounds, 4 assists

Mountains: (22 on 52 shots, including 7 of 17 triples, 18 to 28 vrijworpen and 15 errors) CHRABASCZ 2-6, VAN CAENEGHEM 0-3, SMITH 11-6, CAGE 7-4, JONES 7-9, Upshur 0-7, Houdart 0-0, Mortant 4-0, Giantcaterino 3-0

Antwerp Giants: (30 of 57 shots, including 11 on 21 shots, of which 3 to 6 vrijworpen and 21 errors) BLADES 0-3, LEE 8-9, KALINOSKI 3-4, SANDERS 4-2, BAKO 2-0 , Akyazili 0-3, Tate, 12-3, Vanwijn 4-5, Dudzinski 4-0, Thompson 0-0, Donkor 6-2

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