Busy year for Alex Callier

da8f6ae957f1b24e3c266ad736ef7115 - Busy year for Alex Callier

Alex Callier said in The Interest of Limburg, which he this year a lot of work, especially with playing abroad. “Soon we with Hooverphonic three shows in Istanbul, and which are now already sold out. Very bizarre that we are so in-demand. But that has been the case. Then we continue through the balkan region, Italy, Zagreb, Belgrade, Skopje and Prague. All cards are almost out the door. If all of those shows are over, we start the summer festivals. Our first stop is a jazz festival in Tunis. The best thing about such festivals is that which is also much wider programming. Then we act in our own country and the Netherlands, and for the autumn, Japan, and China on the menu. In the autumn I want to solo also a electronic album release, and I’m working on a French EP in the style of the sixties. So free time I barely have.”

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