American governor into disrepute after racist photo

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The governor of the U.s. state of Virginia, is discredited following the publication of a racist picture in the yearbook of his university. The Democrats and Republicans in Virgina want that he leaves.

On the photo from the yearbook of the Eastern Virginia Medical School is a man with a black painted face next to another in a Ku Klux Klan robe.

Governor Ralph Northam, a Democrat, recognized initially that he was on the picture. But after deliberation with family and friends, he decided that he would not. He indicates that he is at an event the same year his face had zwartgeverfd to Michael Jackson to play.

“Earlier today published a website a photo of me from my yearbook from 1984, in a costume that is clearly racist and offensive,” said Northam first. ‘I’m very sorry that I have decided, as in the photo to appear and for the pain that this decision then and now has caused.’

The fraction of the Democrats in the Senate of Virginia demanded the resignation of Northam. In a statement, it sounds that the members of the group ‘more than disappointed’. In the statement, is Ralph Northam, a dedicated officer, husband and father called. ‘Nevertheless, it is with a heavy heart that we respectfully have asked to resign.’

The former vice president Joe Biden says that the governor of all moral authority is kwijtgespeeld.


Also, the Democrats in the House of Delegates of Virginia, want the governor to blow. “We regret to say that we no longer have confidence in the representation by the governor of the people of Virginia. Although the us no pleasure, we should call for the resignation of governor Northam.’

Previously also had the Republican party in Virginia, his resignation is requested. “What Northam did, is unforgivable. Given his statements about the right to life combined with the most recent revelations, he has the moral authority lost to continue to control and he must immediately go.’

Northam himself apologized, but it seems that it does not plan to leave his post. “I recognize that it takes time and lot of efforts will cost to get the damage of this behavior to recover. I am willing that important work to do. The first step is to extend my sincere apologies to offer, and my absolute commitment to, in order to meet the expectations of the people of Virginia that they have made when they made me their governor elected, ” he said.

“I want to prove that the person was not the person of today’, he decided.

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