ADO Den Haag will receive the top teams Heracles Almelo

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ADO Den Haag will receive the top teams Heracles Almelo

03-February-2019 11:55
03-02-19 11:55
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In the twentieth matchday of the Premier league is on Sunday-one match on the program: ADO Den Haag-Heracles Almelo. Follow the match in our liveblog.

16.45 pm:

Excelsior-Feyenoord 2-1
PSV-Fortuna (5-0)
PEC-Utrecht (4-3)PEC Zwolle-FC Utrecht · 4 minutes ago

We can rightly speak of the Jaap Stam-effect at PEC Zwolle. The ex-defender is after Ron Jans is the second trainer that his first three Premier league matches as a coach of the Zwolle wins. By the chain of victories is PEC has risen to tenth place in the rankings.

PSV-Fortuna Sittard · 8 minutes geledenDe big man at PSV, of course, is Luuk de Jong. The captain makes a hattrick and is therefore responsible for his 100e, 101e and 102nd official hit for the Locals. There may, of course, for geapplaudiseerd.

🌟 HATTRICK HERO 🌟 @LuukdeJong9


AuteurPSVMoment of plaatsen16:28 – 3 February 2019PEC Zwolle-FC Utrecht · 16 minutes ago

PEC completes nice comeback against Utrecht
In a sensational match PEC Zwolle, the third victory in a row under coach Jaap Stam booked. In their own home win thanks to a great comeback 4-3 to FC Utrecht. The visitors take the early lead through Simon Gustafson, but Vito of Crooij makes soon right again. Through goals from Timo Letschert and Jean-Christophe Bahebeck seems to Utrecht in the points, despite a red card for Urby Emanuelson in between. A goal of Thomas Lamb is an insane day in which Mike van Duinen with two hits in the injury time hero of Zwolle crown.

PSV-Fortuna Sittard · 19 minutes ago

PSV over past ten Fortuna
Thanks to a spacious 5-0 victory at Fortuna Sittard is PSV again five points ahead at the top of the Premier league. The Locals come quickly on ahead through Gáston Pereiro, but have a long hard against the Limburgers. After a stupid second yellow card for Clint Essers takes over the leader, however, take matters into your hands and runs it through a hat-trick from Luuk de Jong (including his hundredth match for PSV) and a goal from Cody Gakpo forward to a big win.

PEC Zwolle-FC Utrecht · 21 minutes ago90+3′ GOAL PEC Zwolle! 4-3

The sensational comeback in Zwolle is complete! Mike van Duinen is an excellent deep controlled by Younes Namli and remains on the leg in a duel with two Utrecht defenders. The striker slide, icy calm the winnede hit among David Jensen. Jaap Stam is going to be perfect set as a trainer of PEC to continue.PEC Zwolle-FC Utrecht · 24 minutes ago90′ GOAL PEC Zwolle! 3-3

The ondertalsituatie wipes out FC Utrecht then! Mike van Duinen may lay from eleven metres after Mark van der Maarel Kingsley Ehizibue down spuds in the penalty area. The striker know council with the windfall, and put the second half on the board.PSV-Fortuna Sittard · 26 minutes ago88′ GOAL PSV! 5-0

Luuk de Jong makes the final chord by his hattrick. Cody Gakpo touch the pole, but Gaston Pereiro, the ball can still be judged and lays him on the head of the striker, which is his third simple binnenknikt.PSV-Fortuna Sittard · 28 minutes geleden85′ Koselev due to the defeat of Fortuna is not greater failure. Now turns the Moldovan goalkeeper an attempt of Pereiro out of the corner.PSV-Fortuna Sittard · 30 minutes ago

The resistance of Fortuna Sittard is long and wide to be broken. PSV plays the game simple and goes to the lead at the top of the Premier league back to five points.

PEC Zwolle-FC Utrecht · 33 minutes ago80′ GOAL PEC Zwolle! 2-3

Is it still a hot day in Zwolle? The Utrecht defense gets a ball after a corner, after which he for the feet klutst of Thomas Lamb. The defender slides in and gives Jaap Stam back overlooking preserve his unbeaten status.PSV-Fortuna Sittard · 38 minutes ago76′ GOAL PSV! 4-0

The spaces are larger in the back at Fortuna Sittard, there is a combining PSV grateful use of. A smooth attack and ends up, ultimately, by Angelino with Luuk de Jong, his second hit of the afternoon binnentikt.PEC Zwolle-FC Utrecht · 38 minutes ago75′ GOAL for FC Utrecht! 1-3

The ten of Utrecht to increase the margin. Jean-Christophe Bahebeck shows all the way back after his injury. The attacker lays the ball in with a beautiful voetbeweging in the intersection. Immediately after the goal is by the way, he is changed, but the Frenchman has done its work.PEC Zwolle-FC Utrecht · 40 minutes geleden72′ Red card FC Utrecht! Referee Björn Kuipers is through the VAR’s attention to a violation of Urby Emanuelson. After examining the images, the player of FC Utrecht is a direct red card proposed by the arbitrator. The Domstedelingen have ten people going to try the victory on the line to draw.ADO Den Haag-Heracles Almelo · 41 minutes ago

At 16.45 hours closing ADO Den Haag and Heracles Almelo in the Eredivisie weekend. The visitors from Almelo start without clubtopscorer Kristoffer Peterson to the duel in the seat of government.

Setup ADO Den Haag: Zwinkels; Troupée, Beugelsdijk, Cannon, Meijers; Baker, El Khayati, After all; Becker, Falkenburg, Lorenzen

Preparation Heracles Almelo: Blaswich; Droste, Rossmann, Van Hintum, Czyborra; Nieff, Drost, Osman; King, Dalmau, Kuwas

PSV-Fortuna Sittard · one hour geleden65 ” Still a downer for PSV. Steven Bergwijn becomes injured and requires a stretcher from the field. That doesn’t look good for the vleugelaanvaller.PSV-Fortuna Sittard · one hour geledenLuuk de Jong celebrates his goal against Fortuna Sittard, so a nice milestone. It is striking that the striker almost half of its one hundred hits with the head.

💯 | Luuk de Jong makes against Fortuna Sittard, his hundredth match in the shirt of @PSV. This is how the striker managed:


AuteurFOX SportsMoment of plaatsen15:46 – 3 February 2019PEC Zwolle-FC Utrecht · one hour ago60′ GOAL for FC Utrecht! 1-2

The visitors come for the second time in this match, the lead. Timo Letschert is the highest at a corner kick from Urby Emanuelson and a headline touch. Going to Zwolle, the first points forfeit under Jaap Stam?PSV-Fortuna Sittard · one hour geleden59′ Pereiro thinks his second and PSV’s fourth, but is the meantime, because of offside. Rightly so, as is evident from the repetition.PSV-Fortuna Sittard · one hour ago,56′ GOAL PSV! 3-0

What a subbing for Cody Gakpo! The young attacker gave just the assist for the 2-0, but doing it now all by yourself. He cuts short to the inside and curl the ball beautifully into the far intersection. It is for Gakpo his first competitiegoal on behalf of PSV.PSV-Fortuna Sittard · one hour ago,54′ GOAL PSV! 2-0

Luuk de Jong, with his hundredth competitietreffer for PSV! The aanvalsleider let a cross from Cody Gakpo on his head bounce and see the ball with a bow on Alexei Koselev go. Finally, utilize the Locals of the numbers situation.PSV-Fortuna Sittard · one hour ago

When PSV is Donyell Times, that in the first half only struck by a hard violation, in the dressing room left behind. Cody Gakpo is for him in its place. Fortuna Sittard is unchanged.

PEC Zwolle-FC Utrecht · one hour geleden46′ PEC and FC Utrecht to resume the contest. The teams were in the first half matched, there will be a winner in Zwolle?PSV-Fortuna Sittard · one hour geleden46′ The ball rolls again in the Philips Stadium. Can lead to more distance to take of the ten of Fortuna?PEC Zwolle-FC Utrecht · one hour ago

45+2′ Also in Zwolle search the teams to the locker rooms. FC Utrecht shoots out of the starting blocks with a ball on the crossbar, Sean Klaiber, and a goal from Simon Gustafson, but PEC returns quickly with another attempt at the woodwork of Younes Namli and a hit of Vito of Crooij. 1-1 is the rightful standings in this lively contest.

PSV-Fortuna Sittard · one hour ago

45+1′ The rest in Eindhoven. PSV seemed to be an easy afternoon to meet, after the opening goal of Gáston Pereiro, but since then only more difficult with Fortuna Sittard. Even after the red card for Clint Essers bite the People firmly. Despite the 1-0-lead sounds there is, therefore, a light flute concerto from the stands after the rustsignaal.

PEC Zwolle-FC Utrecht · one hour ago

The players of PEC Zwolle celebrate the equalizer against FC Utrecht.

PSV-Fortuna Sittard · one hour geleden43′ after Fortuna with ten man, will PSV the People not of the past. The team from Sittard, in the hope of a good result not yet specified, to witness the dedication of Diemers. That goes on, but shows that Fortuna still fighting.PSV-Fortuna Sittard · 2 hours ago

Fortuna-trainer Kevin Hofland forced to switch to defense back in order after the red card for Essers. Andrija Balic is doomed, and makes way for Alessandro Ciranni.

PSV-Fortuna Sittard · 2 hours ago33′ yellow card for Fortuna Sittard! Clint Essers gets his second yellow card after a stupid handsbal. Play pause thus a promising attack of PSV, so referee Kevin Blom is not other than him to the dressing room send.PSV-Fortuna Sittard · 2 hours geleden31′ There had Denzel Dumfries the PSV is a lot easier. The right back gets up and gets the ball perfectly in the loop. He, however, faces eye-to-eye with Koselev on the keeper, that Fortuna in the contest.PSV-Fortuna Sittard · 2 hours ago

PSV has, in spite of the lead that is pretty difficult with Fortuna Sittard. The People fight for what they are worth.

PEC Zwolle-FC Utrecht · 2 hours ago

PEC-goalkeeper Mickey van der Hart has no chance on the shot distance of Simon Gustafson. Meanwhile, the keeper and his team-mate Vito of Crooij already know.

PEC Zwolle-FC Utrecht · 2 hours ago25′ GOAL PEC Zwolle! 1-1

PEC awards a strong phase with the equalizer. Younes Namli, which just in itself is already close to goal, lays the ball evisceration on the head of Vito of Crooij. The attacker is more in the ball than the smaller David Jensen, and nods to touch.PEC Zwolle-FC Utrecht · 2 hours geleden21′ attempts to raise the bar terms is the now the same. Younes Namli kegelt the ball against aluminum. Bad luck for Zwolle, which is a moderate beginning of the past seems to have.PSV-Fortuna Sittard · 2 hours geleden22′ Pereiro seems to be tapped in the sixteen, but remains on the leg and can shoot. After his attempt to corner processing see, the Uruguayan is still to the ground, but he hops quickly back on.PSV-Fortuna Sittard · 2 hours ago

Gáston Pereiro by his team mates congratulations on his opening goal.

PSV-Fortuna Sittard · 2 hours geleden14′ Fortuna Sittard seems to be the opening goal soon to come, and cherish now long-term possession of the ball. A free kick is not, however, good for a refreshing leg and a moment later flies a afstandspoging of Diemers about the purpose of Jeroen Zoet.PSV-Fortuna Sittard · 2 hours geleden13′ Donyell Times, that the injured Hirving Lozano replaces, kleunt it back in with Mark Diemers. The young attacker gets yellow, and should not grumble.PSV-Fortuna Sittard · 2 hours ago9′ GOAL PSV! 1-0

Gastón Pereiro shows once again a glimpse of his class. The Uruguayan gets the ball for the feet after a chopped ball, and explains to him just as good and wipes then the ball beautifully into the far corner. The plan of Fortuna Sittard, within ten minutes the trash can.PEC Zwolle-FC Utrecht · 2 hours ago8′ GOAL for FC Utrecht! 0-1

PEC has not learned of the warning from Sean Klaiber in the first minute. Now it is Simon Gustafson, who many meters and may lash out. When Klaiber was the home team even saved by the crossbar, but the attempt of the Swede falls within.PSV-Fortuna Sittard · 2 hours geleden7′ Luuk de Jong drags himself past two defenders, but Koselev is quickly out of his goal and with his feet that the top scorer of PSV his hundredth goal on behalf of PSV in the Eredivisie.PEC Zwolle-FC Utrecht · 2 hours geleden2′ Utrecht immediately makes its intentions known. Sean Klaiber can advance on the right wing and shoot the ball on the crossbar.PEC Zwolle-FC Utrecht · 2 hours ago

1′ Also in Zwolle rolls the ball. PEC goes for the third victory in a row under coach Jaap Stam, FC Utrecht wants to be the fourth defeat in a row, prevent.

PSV-Fortuna Sittard · 2 hours ago

1′ PSV have started the home game against Fortuna Sittard. Can the Locals the lead on Ajax again increase to five?

PSV-Fortuna Sittard · 2 hours ago

Before the kick-off is taken, keep PSV and Fortuna Sittard, a moment of silence for this week died Jurrie Koolhof.

PSV-Fortuna Sittard · 2 hours geledenWe move the attention from Rotterdam to Eindhoven, where PSV is hosting Fortuna Sittard. Just as in the Of Donge and De Roo Stadium is in the Philips Stadium, is the cold somewhat counteracted by a charm.

☀️ In the sun…


AuteurFortuna SittardMoment of plaatsen13:59 – 3 February 2019Excelsior-Feyenoord · 2 hours ago

For Feyenoord are the sour grapes. The Rotterdammers this season on artificial grass, all against eight verliespunten failure. Of all the clubs that have their home games not on artificial turf play, verspeelden only Fortuna Sittard, NAC Breda and De Graafschap, more points on the artificial surface (any ten).

Excelsior-Feyenoord · 2 hours ago

Robin van der meer is the centerpiece of the revelry at Excelsior after his winning hit against Feyenoord. By the unexpected victory at the fellow-townsman makes Excelsior a big jump in the rankings. The Kralingers rise from sixteenth to twelfth place.

Excelsior-Feyenoord · 2 hours agoMatchwinner Van der meer will continue to laugh
The one Robin is not the other. With his first ball contact of the match was Robin van der meer on phenomenal way his first Eredivisie-goal and becomes the hero of Kralingen. “That smile is for more of my face,” said the broadly smiling matchwinner at FOX Sports. “I had during warming up already seen that there are many areas fell, Of Brook was to “swim” after Jörgensen in it came. So I thought I’d dive in. Of course, these are bonus points, but Feyenoord’s never easy.”Back to top

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