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World cup promises: no third world championship title for Eli Iserbyt, West-Flanders has no recourse against unleashed Pidcock

6dc6f64607210456503baf640d15d4f6 - World cup promises: no third world championship title for Eli Iserbyt, West-Flanders has no recourse against unleashed Pidcock

Tom Pidcock is the new world champion cyclo-cross in the promises. The British supertalent knew no mercy, with defending champion Eli Iserbyt that the opening phase dominated but no story had an intelligent Pidcock something for halfkoers are devils disbanded.

Would Eli Iserbyt for a unique make and his third world title winning? Or was it Thomas Pidcock, who for a second British title of the day would allow, after the gold in the juniors for his best friend Ben Tulett? The commitment of the title to the promises was large, very large.

Both favorites took an excellent start, but the ‘hole shot’ was for the Frenchman, Benoist, the proverbial third dog. Also Lander Loockx started excellent. Defending champion Iserbyt moved immediately to the head of the race. Tried for the first time his opponents by surprise but at the end of the first round he had six riders in the track suffer, including, Pidcock and Benoist. Iserbyt continued to pressure but the Swiss Rouiller and Pidcock were the West-Flemish are not committed, also the Italian Dorigoni closed easily with Benoist, Loockx and Kielich in the track.

Fietswissel Pidcock

Iserbyt remained in the openingsrondes for the offensive choice but had to sit by and watch how the others are of no districts wanted to know. A mandatory fietswissel for Pidcock caused the Brit to the back of the large lead group went. For Iserbyt been a signal to accelerate but the Swiss Kuhn and Rouiller klampten. Iserbyt was eventually his hole but also Pidcock moved again in the direction of the Swiss duo.

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.The Brit decided at the end of round three are devils to dissolve and flew on and on Iserbyt. Had the West-Flemish people themselves blundered? Pidcock reed just gone, Iserbyt was actually bijgebeend by Dorigoni and co.

Iserbyt to silver

Iserbyt continued to fight, though it was only for silver. The West-Flemish verdapperde but a mistake on the bevel, brought the Czech Kopecky and the Italian Dorigini again in the wheel, also the Frenchman, Benoist was not far.

Iserbyt was ultimately however ‘the best of the rest’. Pidcock has performed as a soloist seamlessly into the world championship, the silver was for the outgoing world champion Iserbyt, the battle for the bronze was won by the Frenchman, Benoist.

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