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World CHAMPIONSHIPS juniors: Brit Tulett follows himself, silver, and bronze countrymen Meeussen and Cortjens

The Brit Ben Tulett (Iko-Beobank) has made himself impressively succeeded as world champion in the juniors. It was Mathieu van der Poel ago that someone him this trick occurred. The silver was compatriot Witse Meeussen, Ryan Cortjens, won the bronze in the fire. The Belgians were on their value to beat, ‘freshman’ Thibau Nys drove to an impressive fourth place.

With Meeussen and Cortjens were two compatriots with a favorietenstatus at the start, with Thibau Nys as an important outsider. To tradition, I did the first round pretty chaotic. Thibau Nys took of our compatriots the better start but at the end of round one ran the pack all the way together. The Belgian favorites – Meeussen and Cortjens – took their position in front, Thibau Nys had to quickly turn to the materiaalpost with a flat tire.

Cortjens and Meeusen argued in round two, immediately forcing, only the Dutchman Ronhaar and outgoing world champion Tulett and catered to their trolley. The two Belgians stayed on the gas, it quickly became apparent that the long battle, a duel would be between the two Belgians, the Dutch and the British. Defending champion Ben Tulett put the Belgians under pressure and in round three he rode on the sloping side just away from our fellow countrymen. At the end of round three, the Brit six seconds ahead of our countrymen.

Tulett showed himself the master of the bevel and reed passage per passage further away from our fellow countrymen. How well Meeussen and Cortjens also worked together, the Brit drove bit by bit further away from the Campine-Limburg two. In the mutual duel showed WB-winner Witse Meeussen the best. The silver was made for him, Limburger Ryan Cortjens had to settle with a third place for the insisting Thibau Nys.

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