Veronique De Kock proposes marriage

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Véronique De Kock would this summer are going to get married but that party is for the moment. The businesswoman was the last month busy with preparations for the opening of her new shop and had no time for her marriage to be arranged. The Latest News writes Saturday that Véronique De Kock in her shop from Schilde to Brasschaat moved. In a month’s time, it was an old manor house and beautiful shop converted. In addition, moved Véronique also with her family to Antwerp. They were so busy times because meanwhile worked Véronique continued. Since there was a FOX one and the other one changed, Véronique De Kock, no more work for tv. “I have more than enough to hands. So much so that I our marriage forced to postpone. Normally I would be in the summer to get married, but it will be for later in the year. I really haven’t had time to organise it”, writes The Latest News on Saturday.

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