Tom Waes to the front in the second episode about Ukraine

67fdf7ab56245d482cf2442983e126d6 - Tom Waes to the front in the second episode about Ukraine

The second part of the journey from Waes by Ukraine brings him to the war zone in the east of the country and to the by the Russians annexed peninsula of Crimea.

In 2014 came in the border region between Ukraine and Russia Russian-minded Ukrainians in revolt. Russia supported them and two provinces could tear. Now there is a line where the Ukrainian army and Russian-minded separatists each other on a daily basis shooting. Tom doesn’t understand it.

Two Ukrainian soldiers take Tom along the trenches and show him how real the danger is, how close the enemy is hiding and how hard they fight for their country. “On 350 metres of us were snipers. Never before was a Western camera crew as close to the front line,” said Tom.

And there live more people in that war zone. Tom met a family that lives as normal as possible trying to lead in an area where every day artilleriegeschut to hear.

Toms journey ends in the Crimea, the peninsula that after a referendum, was annexed by Russia and according to the Russians now, their territory is. It was once a tourist pearl but now there are only Russians.

The conflict in The Crimea severely affected, and the inhabitants live isolated from the rest of the world. Tom sails along the impressive Black Zeevloot and visit the brand new bridge linking the Crimea with the Russian mainland. “My guide Oksana did not feel safe and she agreed, therefore, pro-Russia, but she has her freedom to have to give up,” concludes Tom.

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