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Sauber F1 team disappears, and changes in Alfa Romeo Racing

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After twenty-six seasons disappear the name Sauber Formula 1, from 2019, the formation of Hinwil by the ‘Alfa Romeo Racing.’

Since last year, the ties between Sauber and Ferrari are properly tightened and came to Alfa Romeo the Swiss renstal on a technical level, strengthen. From this year the name will be Sauber so disappear, and the renstal as an Alfa Romeo Racing through life.

The name change does not mean that Alfa Romeo, the team will take over, the owners and the management of the renstal remains unchanged. The team boss Frederic Vasseur is proud that he may announce his team next year as an Alfa Romeo Racing to the start.

“After 2018, with Alfa Romeo as the main sponsor in the sea are gone, we have great progress on both technical, commercial and sportive area.”

“It has an boost in motivation of every employee, both on the track and in the headquarters in Switzerland, and the hard work has visible results.”

“The goal is still to every department of our team continued to develop while our passion for racing and technology our forward strategies.”

The name Sauber was since 1993 continuously in the Formula 1 are present, also when BMW between 2006 and 2009 the team had taken over went the renstal as BMW Sauber F1 through life. In the twenty-six seasons that the team of the Formula 1 participated did the with the GP of Canada in 2008, one race to win with Robert Kubica behind the wheel under the banner of BMW.

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