More than 58.000 cardigans jaunes to the streets in France

06168e6b189b976e73eb367db8e0f112 - More than 58.000 cardigans jaunes to the streets in France

The cardigans jaunes came Saturday in France, already for the twelfth time in a row on the street. Especially in Paris and Valence, it was a good turnout.

In the whole of France are Saturday of 58,600 people in the street merged into the framework of the ‘act 12’, the ministry of Internal Affairs informed. The accent of the protest was this time on the number of cardigans jaunes by the actions of the police were injured, since the start of the protests on 17 november.

Last week counted the authorities 69.000 protesters. The cardigans jaunes itself dispute the official figures and accuse the government of mobilising to minimize.

In Paris, boarded the bus and thousands of people, according to the cabinet Occurence 13.800 people. They had photos of people at previous manifestation were injured by interventions of the police.

Especially the rubberkogels, often shot with a short rifle, a ‘LBD’ (‘Lanceur de balles de défense’), are cited as the cause for permanent injuries. Dozens of cardigans jaunes are an eye lost by these bullets.

Upon arrival of the procession at the Place de la République vomiting there are riots. A hundred masked protesters threw projectiles at the ordetroepen with tear gas, charges, and a water cannon riposteerden. A dozen people were arrested, according to the politieprefectuur.

In Valence have to 5,000 protesters in the bitter cold defied. There were also smaller turnouts in Lyon, Montpellier, Bordeaux, Toulouse, Nancy, Nice and Marseille.

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