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Malware threatens current crypto-users on MAC OSX – Coin Hero

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Malware threatens current crypto-users on MAC OSX

Home News Malware threatens current crypto-users on MAC OSX

Matthias Nemack –

This Time it hits the Apple users: A new Malware threatens crypto-Fans to access the on Max OSX on Wallets and crypto exchanges.

Software “Cookies” to attack as a weak point of the Apple system

It was for a while quiet on the subject of Malware, even if it was in the past few months, again and again, some of the dramatic reports on the potential dangers of this kind. A new warning from the environment of the company Palo Alto Networks sounds quite serious. The so-called “Unit 42”, the company has discovered in the course of Checks a previously unknown Malware, the objective of MAX OSX as the operating system. The criminal program is to try to access the Browser-settings – more precisely – the Cookies on the computers to access. More specifically, it deals with Cookies, which have a connection to Internet sites, Wallet service providers, or crypto-exchanges.

Wallets, crypto accounts, and block-chains are attacked

The Software tried to do so, the respective data, to extract currencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum, and other of the Accounts of the persons concerned. The Software has received from this reason also the name of cookie miner, as it was called in the opinion of Palo Alto Networks for the weekend. Clear points of attack, the Malware should be well-known exchanges such as Binance or Coinbase. As a Wallet, the company announced, for example, the service MyEtherWallet, the customer should be especially careful. In addition, the Malware developers to attack on websites that use the word “Blockchain” in their name.

Not only cryptographic data to be stolen

And it gets even worse, as the IT experts of the business unit. Also, credit card data, Browser passwords and more trying to get hold of the Software. Add to that the dangerous program infects the attacked systems also have a Mining program. The program is installed only once unnoticed, is exploring the Japanese currency Koto in the Background and robs System resources. User can not do for the time being, much more than to regularly check your System and Browser settings and delete Cookies on a regular basis.

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