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Kortrijk keeps the points at home, a new blow to Lokeren

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Lokeren suffered his fifth consecutive defeat. The red lantern seemed long on the way to a point, but in the slotseconde of the extra time plummeted Stojanovic the last waterkansje on preservation for the city of Lokeren. Kortrijk reserves thanks to this victory a waterkansje in the battle for Play-off 1.

The last glimmer of hope for the city of Lokeren disappears with the week as snow for the sun. The Waaslanders lay tonight with a tip home from Kortrijk, but Stojanovic crowds the last glimmer of hope in the slotseconden firmly in the head. Both Kortrijk if Lokeren had to win in the slot of the league still has a significant role to play. Thanks to this victory preserves Kortrijk waterkansje on Play-off 1, while Lokeren after the fifth consecutive defeat in a row, really a miracle need to the degradation of this season still to avert.

Trainer Glen De Boeck argued, however, four bills of exchange in comparison with the defeat against Zulte Waregem. The most notable exchange was perhaps the goalkeeper of The Wolf. The Lokerse jeugdproduct is to have a strong season, but in the degradatiestrijd opted to De Boeck, yet for the experience of Verhulst. But the fifth move for the 31-year-old goalkeeper. The front disappeared Reznicek, who last week some of the opportunities the neck omwrong, from the team. Saroka came in his place.

But The Book can try what he wants, he also gets Lokeren for the time being but not on the rails. In business, we are all indeed, but once on the half way line comes Lokeren only combinations. Lokeren seems to be a toothless monster. To score goals, let alone create opportunities: it remains the achilles ‘ heel of this team. For example: in minute 43 left Hupperts the first shot between the posts note. Indicative of the Lokerse malaise. Kortrijk dominated, but spilled for peace with the opportunities. On the stroke of peace was, however, inevitable. After Ben-Harush childish let trump by Ghent-mercenary Koita, curled Avenatti leather subtly past Verhulst. Again, a mental tap to the troops of De Boeck.

Game over, you would think. But nothing was less true. Out of nothing came the city of Lokeren, just after a rest at the same height. With the head extended Ben-Harush a corner kick to Saroka. The White-Rus laid the ball binnenkantje foot bone-dry inside in the farthest corner. It gave the citizens courage. Because suddenly began Lokeren better football, however, without dangerous. Or what a bit of confidence, a team can do.

Whilst the trust is fragile. Each opportunity we rarely see in the Guldensporenstadion. And paralyzed by fear crawled into the Waaslanders in the lock, still further backward. Goalkeeper Verhulst kept his team with a few rescues in the first instance, still standing, but in the absolute slotseconde of the extra time followed and still the kiss of death. Stojanovic dunked Lokeren in a deep mourning. Again a blow for the city of Lokeren. Another already this season. The East-Flemish club has now a miracle is needed to bring in the remaining six races, the relegation still to avert. By this victory preserves Kortrijk still have a chance in the battle for Play-off 1.

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