Guaido calls to protest, get support from luchtmachtgeneraal

A divisiegeneraal of the Venezuelan air force on Saturday in a video on social media reported that he was the ‘dictatorial authority’ of Nicolas Maduro was not more acknowledge, and himself to the side, the existence of opposition leader Juan Guaidó, who himself has declared interim president.

‘I inform you that I have the dictatorial authority of Nicolas Maduro was not more acknowledge, and that I delegate Juan Guaido as president of Venezuela acknowledge’, put the officer who afficheert as director of strategic planning in the air force.

The statement comes just hours before the opposition again to the street, pulls up to the resignation of Maduro. Guaido has people throughout the country and the world it was called to protest in the light of the continuing political crisis in the South American country.

“With the support of the international communities, we will be together going out on the streets’, tweeted the 35-year-old politician.

Earlier this week, the Supreme court of Venezuela ruled that he be the preliminary country is not allowed to leave. Also, the bank balances of Guaidó frozen and the Venezuelan justice, a criminal investigation was started. He is accused of being foreign powers to support their meddling with the internal affairs in Venezuela.

Also expected supporters of Maduro on Saturday on the street. Since January in protest in Venezuela, at least 35 people were killed and approximately 850 arrests have been made.

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