Evacuation terminal Brisbane for ‘domestic violence’: ‘No evidence of terror’

00d55eceed9a09441c0b43b0ec751100 - Evacuation terminal Brisbane for ‘domestic violence’: ‘No evidence of terror’

The evacuation of the international departures terminal at the airport of the Australian Brisbane is not linked to terror, but to ‘domestic violence’, so made the police of the Australian state of Queensland known. Brisbane is the capital of the state.

According to local media shot the police a man down at the airport, after he with a knife, and had uttered threats. According to The Courier Mail, he went into the departure hall with a metal box from which wires crossed and where he said that the a bomb was. According to eyewitnesses, he tried to his ex-wife to stab.

The police of the state said that no injuries were cases in the incident. The police said nothing about the shooting of the suspect. “There is no evidence to suggest that the incident at the international airport is linked to terrorism, this is a situation related to domestic violence’, according to Queensland Police on Twitter. Yet according to the police a man is arrested and taken to a police station detained for questioning.

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