Deadly attack, while Iran on the birthday party new rocket reveals

5d7b98f8ffbcc7410a0d8c1ddaee7590 - Deadly attack, while Iran on the birthday party new rocket reveals

Iran has on the 40th anniversary of the islamic revolution, a new long-range missile revealed. Reports that the state television. In an attack on a military base was now a member of the Revolutionary Guard corps, five others were injured.

‘A base in the city of Nik Shahr, was this morning taken under fire”, said Mohammad Hadi Marashi, the local vice-governor for security affairs, to staatspersagentschap IRNA. ‘Several members of the communication department of the Revolutionary Guard, which is the basis of wiring provided, were hit.’

‘Five members of the Revolutionary Guard were hit, one was martyred’, it reported Marashi yet. He assured that all the festivities for the 40th anniversary of the islamic revolution in Iran, just continue.

According to the news agency Tasnim would be Jaish al-Adl, a militant sunni group, the attack claimed to have. In the province’s Tourist Centre, where Nik Shahr is situated, seeding drug gangs and sunni moslimmilitanten more unrest. Jaish al-Adl claimed on Tuesday even though two bomb attacks on a police station in Arabic, in which three policemen were injured.


Earlier on Saturday revealed Iran’s new long-range missile, which targets on the 1,300-kilometre. “This rocket has very little time to be ready to be made, and may at a low altitude flying”, said the Iranian Defense minister Amir Hatami.

The new ground-grondraket, that the name Hoveizeh received, according to Hatami, part of Soumar-series, which in 2015 was unveiled.

According to western experts overstates Iran often about her arsenal of weapons. However, there is concern about the long-range missiles of the country.

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