Chaos on the Brenner pass: wintersportroute fully closed, travelers hours in the file

The Brenner pass, a key route for winter sports enthusiasts on the border between Austria and Italy, was detained since Saturday morning closed. On the Italian side, the highway was closed. Avalanches and heavy snowfall caused chaotic scenes. Hundreds of passengers stood for hours in miles-long traffic jams.

Hours and hours of queuing to a few metres ahead to hit. The Brenner pass, in the Tyrolese Alps, was Saturday fully close. By incident thaw came Saturday morning in several places avalanches down. Both the motorway A13 / A22 Innsbruck-Verona, if a road were therefore inaccessible to traffic. In addition, lots of trucks stuck by the heavy snow.

Kilometers of files, that Saturday night is still ongoing, was the result. The Italian side was closed. The traffic in that direction was advised to drive via Switzerland through the gotthard tunnel. On the nodes Brenner Nord, Nösslach and Matrei were cars diverted by the police and sent back to the north. The cars had to turn on various on – and off ramps.

On social media made plenty of skiers notification of the considerable traffic congestion.

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