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Cant vloert the Netherlands: Kempen for the third time in a row world champion in the women’s

d59457316027eb962b62e135e806e7b4 - Cant vloert the Netherlands: Kempen for the third time in a row world champion in the women's

The image of the rest of the season, the women have been a great excitement of world championship. With Sanne Cant as the queen of Bogense. The Campine shook in the vinale four Dutch concurrentes. What a triumph!

A third world title in a row for Sanne Cant? This was the Campine deal with a wide Dutch block. Marianne Vos, Denise Betsema, Annemarie Sausage and Lucinda Brand: the amber quartet was one medaillekansen may be ascribed. Cant was not the topfavoriete, she felt.

The start was in English: Marianne Vos popped up as first in the field, followed by Betsema and also excellent initiated Sanne Cant. Also Annemarie Sausage and Lucinda Brand was followed, as ellen van Loy.

Jolanda Neff

A Belgian-Dutch duel began, but that was without a rider, include: the Swiss Jolanda Neff reed in ‘no time’ of the fourth weekend to the head of the race. The winner of Baal and world champion mountain bike came to the cutting of the third round in the front to connect and put immediately the competition under pressure.

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To many people, found Denise Betsema but she threw with her landgenotes the Fox and the Fire overboard. Four leaders and ‘only’ two Dutch ladies, so were the brakes closed. And so we were again six leaders with the British Brammeier at a short distance.

The acceleration came from Sanne Cant. And it was a serious acceleration of the world champion. Betsema clave to the wheel, Fire had to do more work to connect and Neff paid the price of a stupid slider. Front choked the tempo a bit and got Cant suddenly four Dutch ladies in her neighborhood. Four against one, how do you solve it?

By relying on Dutch rivalry. Fire accelerated and got Cant, followed by Betsema and with Fox and Sausage as victims.

Val Fire

The nerves were per round tighter tense. And that led to Fire to a stupid crash when changing the bike. Suddenly reed Sanne Cant the lead once and she had a head start on saying and writing four Dutch ladies. What Dutch lady wanted to sacrifice for her colleagues?

Cant popped up with six seconds advantage on the Fire and Fox the final lap. And that was enough, even though the wild Fire of no districts know. The topfavoriete resisted heaven and earth to get back on the wheel of Sanne Cant to get but the Kempense made no mistake and drove to her derder world title in a row.

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