Butterfly of Lisa del Bo Sunday in #LikeMe

bdc3d0b82c5f613303ed13e671cbbae3 - Butterfly of Lisa del Bo Sunday in #LikeMe

For three Sundays in a row, the Ketnetters treated to a brand new episode of #LikeMe. That is also this Sunday is no different. Surprising musical operations, an increasingly exciting storyline and incomparable characters: the fourth installment #DOUBLETROUBLE has it all.

In #DOUBLETROUBLE discover the Ketnetters that Caro’s dad, Peter, it is not so easy on the new job. But also queen bee Camille will face a hard time when they have an incriminating photo of Vince and Caro. Plays a little more? Camille is out for revenge. No one comes between her and Vince, and especially Caro.
In the fourth episode #LikeMe are the musical adaptations of Lisa Del Bo (Butterfly) and Philippe Robert (tongues of fire).

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