Belgium wants to Ivorian ex-president Laurent Gbagbo capture

de30362cb03dfdf4a1b52e4da8e55adc - Belgium wants to Ivorian ex-president Laurent Gbagbo capture

Belgium accepts the former Ivorian president Laurent Gbagbo to catch. That confirms a spokesman for the federal department of Foreign Affairs. The International criminal Court (ICC) showed Gbagbo on Friday subject to conditions.

“Belgium has a request for cooperation received from the ICC, because Laurent Gbagbo family has in our country”, said Karl Lagatie, spokesman of Foreign Affairs. “Belgium supports the international legislation and we have, therefore, a positive answer to that question.’

The ICC has Gbagbo on Friday in the Hague, under The terms and conditions are released, and after over two weeks ago, was acquitted of crimes against humanity. That were committed in 2010 and 2011 during the violence after the elections in côte d’ivoire.

The board of Appeal has unanimously decided upon a number of conditions to add in the release of Laurent Gbagbo. He is mandatory in a member state of the ICC to stay in anticipation of a possible lawsuit in a higher court.

Gbagbo, would Belgium want to come, because his second wife, Nady Bamba, live here with their son. That would also be for our country a reason to Gbagbo. Because of the Ivorian community in our country is quite small, would the Belgian government also no trouble to fear at his coming.

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