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Antwerp takes the full loot to sea

198e4a0cdadd3c1c82f7653475a30bf2 - Antwerp takes the full loot to sea

Antwerp has a Saturday soccer night opened with a 0-2 win at KV Oostende. An early goal from Ivo Rodrigues, and a late hit of Geoffrey Hairemans sufficient for the three points for the Great Old.

The party couldn’t have a better start for Antwerp. After barely four minutes found Buta Rodrigues for purpose and the Portuguese nodded, touch, 0-1. The Great Old dominated the opening phase and re-Rodrigues (Dutoit), Buta (next) and Bolingi (Dutoit) missed opportunities to the visiting head start to double.

Ostend was nothing compared. Without the injured De Sutter were the Kustboys attacking under age. Past the half hour were also Refaelov and Van Damme, but also their efforts had no purpose. In the added time of the first half Oostende it at once. Guri took with his header Bolat is on his way.

Also after the break, it was the first warning for the visitors. Bolingi missed only for Dutoit complete his shot. Ostend tried, as the second half progressed, more and more take matters into our hands. The Bock was dangerous on vrijschop and Milovic took with his header of the bar.

In the final stage, could also substitute Coopman his shot against the crossbar. The goal fell in the added time, however, is still on the other side. Substitute player Hairemans pushed the 0-2 neatly next to Dutoit in goal.

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