Anne De Baetzelier took drugs on tv

Anne De Baetzelier took drugs on tv

Anne De Baetzelier may not be missing as 30 years, VTM is celebrated. Omroepster, tv presenter and, of course, also become the face of Ten To See. Anne De Baetzelier reveals how they one time even drugs took on television…

Anne De Baetzelier is a look back at 30 years of VTM and is satisfied that they are the most beautiful years of the station has experienced. The euforiejaren, as they call it in Humo. “Nowhere in the world is a commercial channel managed to a market share of 50% and more.” That they are a part of the if part can find the blonde curly still a privilege. Ultimately, the story of Anne De Baetzelier VTM quench, but that had nothing to do with her one-time drug use on the transmitter…

In 2008, realized Anne De Baetzelier suddenly that it was in VTM. Several times she had projects submitted for new programs but there was never positively responded to. “At a certain point, it stops.” Anne De Baetzelier described himself as “the puzzle piece that didn’t fit anymore.” She had barely a year before drugs caught for the transmitter.

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