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‘A Nys-syndrome? Pure nonsense!’

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the brothers Roodhooft Supervisors of Van der Poel

The brothers, Philip and Christoph Roodhooft refuse to believe that their poulain Mathieu van der Poel with a WK-complex struggles.

‘A Nys-syndrome? Pure nonsense!’

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Philip Roodhooft: ‘Thanks to his technical ability to succeed Mathieu also easier than others to his speed.’ David Stockman/belga


the brothers Roodhooft Supervisors of Van der Poel

The brothers, Philip and Christoph Roodhooft refuse to believe that their poulain Mathieu van der Poel with a WK-complex struggles.

‘A Nys-syndrome? Pure nonsense!’

World CHAMPIONSHIP cyclo-cross in the Danish town Bogense

Promotion for cyclists island and Danish cyclo-cross

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VeldrijdenWK in Bogense

Benedict Vanclooster

Morkhoven and Sunday, just after celebrating the national Anthem by the port of the Danish Bogense chirp, the patriotic heart of the Campine brothers Roodhooft not bleeding. Since 2011, a working team Philip and team leader Christoph together with Mathieu van der Poel. ‘If the line of the season is respected, Mathieu, the world CHAMPIONSHIPS is not to lose.’

26 victories and, since 1 november undefeated. Did you use that advance as estimated?

Christoph: “I had expected that Mathieu would dominate, in the last two seasons he pulled in the mutual duels with Wout van Aert in three of the four crosses for all the upper hand. But I had thought that the gaps would be and that Wout Mathieu would sometimes knock.’

Philip: “My estimation was that Of Aert after his strong spring on the way, an additional step would convert, what not happened. While I knew that Mathieu was still more muscled and in better condition than last season. With a year more on the counter, but also by his mountainbikecampagne. All I believe now also again not that Of Aert on it backwards is gone. Last week in Hoogerheide he drives the fourth two minutes. I’m not talking about Toon Aerts. Which this year has two steps vooruitgezet.’

Which is Van der Poel, better than the rest?

‘The press believes that Mathieu hundred crosses in five years to win without any kind of focused training: absurd!’

Philip Roodhooft

Christoph: ‘The first small difference is he usually on technique. In terms of art mate, he is superior. Because he is a bend or a technical passage slightly faster, the others unloaded, or to drive them beyond their limit, causing them to go wrong.’

Philip: ‘Technology in combination with explosive power. And as soon as he is ten meters, you will see him no more, because with his great motor, he is not silent. Thanks to his technical ability succeeds also easier than others to his speed. Harder to drive than Van der Poel, which is not often successful.’

Unless world championships. He appears on the Nys-syndrome suffering: the season dominate but in the main cross through it bags.

Philip: “I think that’s pure nonsense. Statistics is one thing, but there is sometimes a story behind the numbers. In Koksijde as eerstejaarsjunior he goes almost to the press, but he wins. Of mental toughness spoken. The following year, in Louisville, he wins again. If eerstejaarsbelofte in Hoogerheide, in his own village, manage it, but he is still third, while another would always have specified. In Tabor, in 2015, he is in the elite, the youngest world champion ever. Okay, in the Attic, he won’t and he let his head hang, he has earned will be lost. But in Luxembourg, he rides four times leak, he fights back and he ends up as second. We can still discuss who the best was. In any case, you can not say that he was mentally not performed.”

Last year in Valkenburg, he had to be just before the start had a quick toilet visit.

Philip and Christoph Roodhooft. blg/dv

Christoph: “I don’t know, it is the first time that I hear that. In Valkenburg was Wout the deserved winner, but Mathieu also knocked by the trail, the worst since Lembeek in 1986. I don’t know what that even cross had to do, it was more of a veldloop than a cyclocross. If you place a mental touch was, could you have a hard time re: in that mud could not even speed, and the good feeling to find them.’

After Valkenburg, it was suggested that he needs a mental coach.

Philip: “You can’t make someone commit to a mental coach. Mathieu must the need feel. He can appeal to the mental coach of the team. As with all of our riders can do that.’

Christoph: “once Again, we also believe that he was on the championship anxiety. Since Valkenburg, he has seven driven. He was Dutch champion on the road, in mountain biking and in the field. He stood at the podium in the world cup mountain biking. At the european CHAMPIONSHIPS mountain biking, he has geblunderd, agree, but the EK on the road, he was second and in the field in Rosmalen, he won gold.”

Philip: ‘The first time by the way since Tabor 2015 that he Wout van Aert at a championship could beat.’

Christoph: “What that mental coach, Toon Aerts has a theme of made after the BK. I hear that he himself is going to search outside of Telenet-Fidea. Just as he is also a personal trainer. We think that’s bizarre. A team must have a structure where all the facilities are available. We prohibit that anyone else with our employees interfere, or that the pa of a crosser, the bike is pointed. We take the responsibility themselves.’

For many years, it is claimed that Van der Poel is not a trainer.

Philip: “In the Netherlands they call something a broodjeaapverhaal. Mathieu van der Poel wins so a hundred crosses in five years without some form of focused training? Absurd that the press that believeth.”

Christoph: “He has no personal trainer, but his workouts are like with all the riders in the team for years, scientifically monitored. Since the new year, with the expansion of the rennerskern, we have now also a performancemanager in the service.’

Who is Sunday Mathieus main opponent?

Christoph: ‘Show is currently the better Belgian, but my gut instinct says Wout. He has but one bullet more in his rifle to his season still shine. He will want to fly.’

Philip: “Only bad luck can Mathieu of the world title.”

Wout van Aert explores the trail in Bogense. David Stockman/belga

World CHAMPIONSHIP cyclo-cross in the Danish town Bogense

Promotion for cyclists island and Danish cyclo-cross

A cyclo cross rider in the UCI top 100, or a klassementscross have the Danes not, and yet, the world championships this weekend in Bogense ended up.

Benedict Vanclooster

Brussels The telegenieke harbour town Bogense is situated in the north of Funen, the island of birth of fairy-tale writer Hans Christian Andersen, and in 1998 (Middelfart) all sets of the only other world CHAMPIONSHIP cyclo-cross in Denmark ever. “This organization fits within a strategy for Funen and our nature is to promote it as one of the most attractive road riding destinations in Northern Europe’, says eventcoördinator Peter Ginnerskov. “A CHAMPIONSHIP cyclo-cross world well for (cumulative ed.) forty to fifty million viewers.’

Youth lure

The choice of Bogense, in particular, came more or less accidentally, when Beat Wabel as a technical delegate of the international cycling union (UCI) for the first time to the island to tour. ‘Beat was staying in a hotel in the port of Bogense, ” says Ginnerskov. ‘When I spoke with him after the first night went to pick up and he this zone and ridge saw it, he suggested that this is a very nice course could generate. We had some proposals, but the idea for this location came from him.’

What the UCI also charmeerde, was that other central objective of the organizers: the cross in Denmark grow. ‘After the world cup in Middelfart was the cyclo-cross in Denmark, surpassed by the mountain biking and track cycling, ” explains Ginnerskov. “With this event begins the Danish cycling federation is now once again on cyclocross focus. We also work with Cycling Odense, the largest cycling club on the island. That has campaigns planned for after the world cup the youth to the cross anyway.’

The choice for the trail came more or less accidentally

The organizers were originally out of 20,000 spectators over the whole weekend, of which 60 percent are foreigners. “But if we are to 15.000 get and the amount of beer and fries to sell, we are already out the cost”, sounds the now. “More than half of our budget – 10 million Danish krone, or 1.35 million euros – by public funds covered. We can also count on a 1200 to 1300 vips.’

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