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Wout van Aert and Show Aerts remarkably relaxed on the press conference for world CHAMPIONSHIP cyclo-cross: “Role of underdog feels very good”

91510cd6618255632d3929dfb8222fee - Wout van Aert and Show Aerts remarkably relaxed on the press conference for world CHAMPIONSHIP cyclo-cross: “Role of underdog feels very good”

Wout van Aert lives to relax, to go to the world CHAMPIONSHIPS Sunday. He stood this morning, quietly to talk to the press at the official press conference of the Belgians.

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“The expectations are not high, as Mathieu van der Poel has been quite the year and if he was not there, I was also often beaten by Toon Aerts”, was the defending champion Wout van Aert remarkably sober. “But that is not to say that I’m not going to be good. And I believe in miracles and will Sunday, on the best level that I can be.”

The reason for his optimism is not far to seek: “I have a very good week behind us. The victory in Pontchâteau two weeks, did and I’ve had a heavy week of training. This was lacking in Hoogerheide some freshness. I have the cross again on tv reviewed and determined that I with a few flaws yet, what time am lost. Which mistakes I want on Sunday. I have a good feel this week so that I at the world cup that some procentjes extra have. I have three world CHAMPIONSHIPS in a row won, and each time I was not the top favourite. That’s actually a good starting point. It should not be. I am 100% underdog and that feels very good.”

“Not think too much at the start”

Van Aert went this morning for breakfast a half an hour jog with coach Sven Vanthourenhout and this afternoon the track. “Yes, perhaps it will be a fast course and it is important to have good streets. Walked it this season a few times already wrong. It is mainly a mental issue I think. I may not be too much to think about. But we must start and Mathieu not immediately drive off. It may perhaps tactical, and then it is up to him to set the course in our hands. Thus, we can the pressure on him increase.”

It was a tough winter for Van Aert, but he wants the veldritseizoen in a positive way to quit. “Yes, I look forward to the spring on the way, but that is not to say that I no longer want to perform at a world cup. That is still the most important course in the field. And I’ve proven that I always have something extra. I’m going to once again, give everything and then turning the page.”

Toon Aerts: “I can join for the title”

For the first time in decades, the attention of the gathered Belgian press at the final press conference this morning, however, not only to Wout van Aert. That is new. Also Show Aerts has over the past weeks, emphatically as a candidate world champion moniker. That says he also. “I should be able to participate for the title”, what it sounds like.

On one condition: he will top himself must rise. Otherwise, a man too strong. “If I can what I on a normal match, I Van der Poel can’t possibly be right,” acknowledges the Belgian champion. “But why wouldn’t I top myself can come out? That you are one hour long, for example, not 400 watts, but 405 watts can push. That is me on the BK also succeeded.”

Moreover, for a WK already own logic, nods Aerts. “This had a klassementscross, I would always say that we normal for the second drive. But this is a world cup. There are always other things.”

Like that unexpected dip of Van der Poel a year ago. Something Aerts, try not to suffer from it. Other than Van der Poel and Van Aert will start after he ended in the world Cup and his Belgian title with no the slightest stress. “Alright,” admits he. “Who would have first place in september, thought I, here today, one of the favorites? What Sunday also happens, my season is already a success.”

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