Win a fun verkleedpak of one of your heroes on Studio 100 TV!

18b13a35db05cd1177e972e6a18b5845 - Win a fun verkleedpak of one of your heroes on Studio 100 TV!

Do your children like to dress up? And as one of the Studio 100 TV-heroes? Maya, Piet Piraat, or the night Watch? Or rather Mega Mindy? Join our competition, make your choice and win a fun verkleedpak!

Dressing up is always fun, and the right outfit makes it even better. We give nine of cute outfits way of the heroes that you can view on Studio 100 TV. Sentence in a costume play? Then, make sure you join!
In the prize pool, nine verkleedpakken! Make your choice at the first wedstrijdvraag.
An overview:
– 1 x Piet Pirate: size 116
– 1 x K3: size 134
– 1 x Campus 12: size 140
– 1 x Maya the bee: size 110
– 1 x Bumba: 1-1.5 years
– 3 x night Watch: size 134
– 1 x Mega Mindy: size 128
For a chance to win, you need only the following questions to answer and a dose of luck.


You want this prize very much like to win? Then, make sure you join our competition, and increase your chances to win by also doing on the Studio 100 TV website.

Studio 100 TV is part of the basic services of Proximus TV and in Flanders to view on channel 9 and in Brussels on channel 58.

More info about Proximus TV offering for children? Click here!

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