USA apron kernrakettenakkoord: ‘Russia is violating the treaty shameless’

5968d5e9f3ef59c32043496c4943cace - USA apron kernrakettenakkoord: ‘Russia is violating the treaty shameless’

The US is as expected to pull out of the INF treaty for nuclear disarmament with Russia. That has the American minister of Foreign Affairs Mike Pompeo announced.

‘Russia is violating the terms of the treaty for years, ” said Pompeo. ‘That’s why millions of Europeans and Americans in danger. We can no longer be limited by the treaty while Russia blatantly violates. It is our duty to respond.’

The suspension of the Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces treaty (INF treaty) start on Saturday. If the united states finds that Russia is the treaty after six months still does not comply, then pulls the country back.

That means that after thirty years of an end to the bilateral agreements between the Russians and the Americans, in which they promised not to increase, ground-based, medium-haul operations-missiles to produce or to make them operational. The INF agreement was on december 7, 1987 signed by Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev and American president Ronald Reagan.


The US have been saying for several years about proof that Russia the treaty violates, and ‘forbidden’ missiles has been developed which targets at a distance of 500 to 5.500 km.

Russia denies the U.s. accusations and says that his missiles only have a range of 480 km. According to Moscow violate the united states ‘ own treaty.

What also plays a part in the American decision, is the fact that China in recent years, invested heavily in nuclear weapons. China is not a partner of the INF treaty.

Arms race

The European Union, which wants the treaty remains in existence, fears for a new arms race. ‘Of course it is proliferation and the start of a nuclear armament our big concern, ” said minister of Foreign Affairs Didier Reynders for a meeting with his European colleagues. ‘That would be a danger to the whole of Europe, not only for the European Union.’

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