Therefore, play Zac Efron serial killer Ted Bundy in new film

Zac Efron got a lot of crap on him, when it was known that he was the role of serial killer Ted Bundy would be taking in the movie “Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile’. After is veiled in silence, responding to the American actor now for the first time on that criticism.

“At first, I doubted whether I was a serial killer they had to play,” says the ‘High School Musical’actor to Variety. “I already have a lot of gory horror movies seen, so I had not so much sense. But I was, however, intrigued by the psychological aspect of Ted Bundy.”

“This film is about him as a person,” explains Efron. “Somebody I might be friends could have been. He could very well manipulate. The film is also about a love story with a unique perspective told. This is why I stand completely behind this project. The fact that we look alike and same features is just a fluke.”

He gave, just before he in the electric chair had to sit down, that he 36 women and girls had been murdered in the 70s. He was in 1989 executed. A lot of critics find that his deeds and his charismatic appearance be glorified in the film.

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