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“The son of the greatest F1 driver of all times has advantages and disadvantages”

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There is no doubt that Mick Schumacher is proud of his father but he also know that it is not always that easy to in his footsteps, to act.

Since Mick Schumacher to his own autosportcarrière making the comparison with his father, of course, is never far away but rarely has the young German on your own responded.

In an interview with the official magazine ‘Car of the FIA light Mick a tip of the veil on what it was like for him as a son of the most successful F1 driver of a career in the racing to begin.

“I am glad that I the son am of the greatest F1 driver of all time,” let Mick Schumacher know.

“I am also glad that he’s the greatest F1 driver of all time and I admire him for that. Although it is also sometimes difficult, it is what it is, there are good and bad sides.”

“The support that I get from people everywhere in the world can’t be all that bad. I’m grateful for that.”

With a father like Michael Schumacher, it almost seems like the most normal thing in the world that also Mick in the sport would end up but he remembers when his father sent for him the important question.

“Racing and go-karting is the most normal thing in the world, in my family, and I have also always loved to be with my father, to go-karting.”

“It was great to have that with him and I remember one day he asked me if I use this more as a hobby saw or that I my profession would want to make.”

“I immediately responded that I my profession wanted to make, I have never known anything else wanted.”

Next year we will have Mick as a member of the Ferrari Driver Academy, to the work shown in the Formula 2 in the team of Prema.

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