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The reboot of StuBru: more guitars, more influencers

From 4 February Studio Brussel a facelift. The VRT transmitter wants to recreate the musical niche research: he sends a gitaarprogramma and even a Duyster-descendant on the air.

The new logo we already knew – the distinctive red-and-white sticker cleans up after fifteen years for a multi-logoreeks with a distorted font. And also the new name was to …

The new logo we already knew – the distinctive red-and-white sticker cleans up after fifteen years for a multi-logoreeks with a distorted font. And also the new name was already floated: Smartest Man In the World-the finalist Michèle Cuvelier takes the ochtendblok about Linde Merckpoel. But today made Studio Brussel and also the program schedule is known with which it itself wants to vertimmeren.

The transmitter wants to ‘music more than ever at the centre’ and choose for an ” abrasive mix’. Understand by: StuBru wants deeper dive into the music. In recent years, got the transmitter, however, some criticism that he generalistisch would be and would not function as ontdekkingsplek. Did that last summer, as alarm bells go off, when StuBru in the luistercijfers youth radio station MNM had to overtake it.

Musical adventure

The answer shows the transmitter in more musical adventure: the listener must may be surprised with, say, a hiphopplaat after a metalsong. Also in a broad program such as the ochtendblok, where there was not previously always be a place for was. That is also the role of the 26-year-old presenter Michèle Cuvelier: they move music Station for the morning (every working day from 6 to 9). Before she gets the support of regular guests from the music world, with Fleddy Melculy (metal), Compact Disk Dummies (electrical) and Uberdope (hip-hop).

That musical diversity should also continue in the playlists. Where a status as a ‘Hotshot’ in the past was enough to make Flanders a number in one week, tired of to be let, that concept is now traded in for each day-one ‘Catch of the day’: ‘a brand new song you must have heard.’

The new scheme also promises more nicheprogramma. The most notable is perhaps ‘Rock & Ros’, where Thibault Christiaensen of punk band Equal Idiots every Sunday from 18h ‘an hour long the best gitaarplaten on your radio will pop’. DJ Black Mamba may be the Saturday night then going again with two hours of hip-hop, afrobeat and r&b. Drum ‘n bass-concept Rampage will get every Friday a block from midnight. And in ‘tierra del fuego’ Joris Brys every Sunday afternoon to 12h are weak spot for melancholic music to explore, with ‘fragile songs that you have in mind to do sink’. It sounds almost like the legendary ‘Duyster’, but then during the day.


If the relocation of Linde Merckpoel was not adequate to the online ambition of StuBru in the paint to convert, add the new schema there are still some arguments to it. Eva De Roo is on Facebook Video in conversation with ‘the brave and doers’. VRT NWS-reporter Yassine Atari pulls for ‘Labels’ to ‘places where the media is little. Stijn Van De Voorde ‘Rock & Roll high School’ a sequence of events, the band, and Instagram-phenomenon Flo Windey dives ‘100 questions about sex’ in the sex lives of her peers.

Windey was the past year a major focus of StuBru become: without own program, but from Snapchat and Instagram, she knew the bridge to the listeners. That seems also the reason why StuBru internethumorist Average Rob on board: the man has on Instagram and more than 300,000 followers, and should Boitlyfe’ the listeners warming up for Saturday night.

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