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The Offspring is coming to the Lokerse Feesten

444e4ff786b13c19a1654038f74fd8ea - The Offspring is coming to the Lokerse Feesten

The American rock band The Offspring plays on 6 August at the Lokerse Feesten. That reports the organization.

Two years ago, the Americans were also on view at the festival. This year, the group at the annual punkrockdag of the Lokerse Feesten company of the Dutch band Heideroosjes.

Also the American band NOFX the day will be action, just as the British rock band The Damned. More names on the 6th of August on the poster stand, also for the Red Bull Music hall, to be added later. Previously, it was already the arrival of Oscar and the Wolf announced.

The 45th edition of the Lokerse Feesten takes place from Friday 2 to Sunday 11 August 2019.

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